Off to see the Wizard!

These kids were all part of last weekend's Wizard of Oz at TEC. Click the photo for more.

Off to see the Wizard!
Performers in last weekend's Wizard of Oz at TEC: Dorothy Bella B. 5 Scarecrow Aurora F. 6 Tinman Alivia K. 5 Lion Elizabeth O. 6 Gatekeeper Mariah L. 5 Wizard of Oz Mychaela D. 5 Glinda the Good Witch Brooke G. 5 Wicked Witch of West Gracie H. 6 Narrators 1. Purple – Francesca D. 6 2. Blue – Kayla B. 6 3. Red – Karolina N. 6 4. Yellow – Madison S. 5 5. Green –Cassidy F. 6 6. Orange – Sarah M. 6 Toto Giselle R. 5 Munchkins 1. Joe – Olivia M. 5 2. Curly – Emma S. 4 3. Burly–Antonia C. 5 Auntie Em Stasha P. 6 Uncle Henry Michael L. 6 Trees 1. Woody –Emyjah G. 5 2. Shady – Zuriel J. 6 Trees Lacey M. 4 Alexandria O. 4 Lena C. 4 Chelsey M. 6 Ella B. 6 Emma R. 6 Decoda W. 4 Lauren C. 5 Chanayse W. 5 Alesia A. 5 Flying Monkeys 1. Rascal – Phoebe B. 4 2. Chimp – Renee I. 5 3. Scamp – Alexa S. 5 Flying Monkeys Jared P. 5 Colin C. 6 Giovanni M. 4 Madison H. 6 Steven R. 6 Ella G. 5 Eric R. 4 Emily G. 5 Emma W. 5 Ronell W. 5 Munchkins Chloe L. 5 Kylie O. 5 Caroline S. 5 Ashley T. 6 Ariel S. 4 Madison C. 6 Frans A. 4 Maraya O. 4 Jason R. 4 Rebecca P. 5 Sound Techs Felicia D. 6 Olivia R. 6 Hanna U. 6 Stuff in tornado (house, cow, bicycle, tree) Keegan W. 4 Cameron C. 6 Patrick Z. 6 Selena G. 5 Levi L. 4 Guards Christopher I. 4 Jack D. 4 Zackary R. 4 Algernon D. 4 Samantha A. 6 Gwendalyn E. 4 Zaniya C. 6 Jaime S. 6 Isaac B. 5 Madeline Z. 4 Michael G. 6 Nick S. 6 Yellow Brick Road Kara P. 5 Julianna G. 5 Lunna I. 4 Bryanna N. 6 Abigail S. 6 Props Kylie K. 6 Kaed W. 6 Mia U. 4 Dylan D. 5 Robert W. 5 Emma C. 4 Natalia K. 4 Dylan D. 4 Michael H. 5 Jamie P. 6 Eric S. 4

Movie-Bingo at the libraries

Tweens and Teens (grades 5-12) are invited to experience the animated movie about a young tech whiz and his inflatable robot companion in a different kind of way.
Watch and listen for movie quotes, actions, and images on a specially designed Bingo card. Five in a row will earn you a prize. Registration is required. Please call or stop by your library to sign up.
Dates are as follows: March 15, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (instead of TAB meeting) at Clymer Library, Pocono Pines. Call 570-646-0826 for more information.
March 21, 5:30-7:30pm at Pocono Mountain Public Library, Tobyhanna. Call 570-894-8860 for more information

Help Monroe County plan for emergencies

The public is invited to a public meeting hosted by the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management and Monroe County Planning Commission presenting the public draft of the 2016 Monroe County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan during a public meeting at 6 p.m., Wednesday, March 9th, at the Monroe County Public Safety Center 100 Gypsum Rd., Stroudsburg, Pa 18360

Residents, elected officials, emergency responders and other interested stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

The purpose of the meeting is to present the County’s approach to hazard mitigation planning and discuss the past and potential impacts of natural hazards in the County.  This is occurring as part of the five-year update to the County’s 2011 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, a process that began in August, 2015 and will continue to September of 2016.  The Monroe County Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee was created to steer the process and consists of representatives from County departments, incorporated municipalities, and stakeholders from state and federal government and private industry. The meeting will include a presentation on the County’s vulnerability to natural and human-made hazards such as flood, tornado, winter storm and others. Public comment on this aspect of the plan is being sought at this meeting.


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2016 Tobyhanna Ice Harvest

Some shots by Jeanine Hofbauer at the annual Tobyhanna ice harvest.

Where's that plow?

Plow Truck Tracking Now Publicly Viewable Through 511PA

Harrisburg, PA - As part of an expanded technology pilot, the public can now view hundreds of plow trucks on interstates and expressways this winter at<>, Governor Tom Wolf announced today. The announcement is part of the Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system pilot<> first announced by the governor in October, which improves PennDOT's information on vehicle movement and usage of winter materials.

"This initiative will improve PennDOT's operations by looking for efficiencies in how the agency's fleet is operating during the winter months, while promoting transparency by allowing the public access to this information," Governor Wolf said. "This is a step forward in showing Pennsylvanians how hard PennDOT is working to keep them safe during the winter season."

The public can view the location of more than 500 PennDOT plow trucks and more than 200 contracted rental trucks this winter through the 511PA website.

PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards explained that while on-duty trucks will be shown in near real-time, the pilot does not show the full breadth of the department's services on interstates or expressways, or statewide.

"During winter weather, interstates and expressways are our top priority," Richards said. "That means that we often move trucks from lower-traffic roads onto interstates, and those trucks won't be shown on 511. Additionally, due to differing staff schedules, storms or equipment usage, the location of all of the trucks will not be visible at all times.

"We're excited to educate the public about our operations with this pilot, but they won't see all of our more than 2,000 trucks across the state."

Statewide, PennDOT has more than 2,200 total department-force trucks and also rents approximately 270 trucks and their operators to maintain the more than 40,000 miles of roadway for which PennDOT is responsible.

The AVL system pilot is part of Governor Wolf's GO-TIME initiative that leverages inter-agency coordination and collaboration to maximize efficiency, modernize state government operations, and provide the highest quality services. The pilot, as one of seven GO-TIME projects identified by PennDOT in 2016-2017, is expected to realize a cost savings of $1.4 million over the next four to six years based on a combination of reduced salt usage and better use of department equipment.